Sea freight Services
Sea Freight

Our eminent sea freight service includes attentive client service, enhanced paperwork, tracking, Ocean — B2B Shipping and Logistics Solutions. Domestic & Worldwide Supply Chain Solutions. Our logistic services encompass a comprehensive door-to-door transportation chain from the origin Supplier’s/ Manufacturer’s Premises to the ultimate destination door, in addition to port-to-port shipments. AGS's exceptional sea freight specialists collaborate directly with each customer to produce cross-trade shipments that meet their schedule and budgetary criteria. Technological advancements have made maritime transportation more cost-effective, time-saving, and efficient. AGS provides a precise and accurate solution to effectively handle the intricacies of shipping your cargo around the world by through water.

AGS is your complete portfolio of services for all forms of maritime freight transit on all major commercial routes linking the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, Europe, and the United States. Even in peak seasons, AGS's seasoned network of reputable and trusted carriers provides the best maritime freight. We accept both full container loads (FCL) and less-than-container loads (LCL). We guarantee that shipments are handled properly at both the origin and destination ports using our Institutional Contract of Carriage. We offer a wide range of customizable shipment options and long-standing ties with all major marine freight companies globally.

A network of trusted sea freight carriers

When you choose sea freight, you benefit from our partnerships with leading global and regional carriers. We ensure you get the best deals on routes, prices, and schedules tailored to your needs. Enjoy the flexibility in shipping your cargo on your terms. Reach out today, and let's find the perfect carrier for your cargo together!

Benefits of ocean freight shipping

Ocean freight shipping stands as a cornerstone keystone in the global logistics and transportation industry, offering a suite of benefits that cater to businesses and environmental goals alike.


Ocean freight is usually cheaper than air freight, especially for large volumes of goods Efficiency: Ocean freight can handle any size of shipment, from small parcels to full containers. You can also choose different modes of transport, such as LCL, FCL, or breakbulk


Ocean freight can transport oversized, heavy, or bulky cargo that may not fit in other modes of transport Safety: Ocean freight has strict regulations and procedures for handling hazardous or dangerous goods. It also has low risk of cargo loss or damage

Environmental friendliness:

Ocean freight has a lower carbon footprint than air freight, and it is constantly improving its sustainability practices

Why Choose AGS Sea Freight?

Your Superlative Freight Partner

Cost-Effective Solutions for Long Distances: AGS offers unbeatable freight rates for long-haul shipments, ensuring you get the most value for your procurement purpose.
Expertise in Heavy and Bulky Cargo: No shipment is too big or complex for us. AGS specializes in transporting oversized, heavy, and bulky items with ease and safety.
Hazardous Cargo? No Problem: With strict adherence to safety standards, we expertly handle hazardous materials, ensuring safe and compliant sea transport. We have flexibility and scalability to adapt to your changing demands and market conditions.
We have access to a large and diverse network of carriers, which gives you more options and lower costs. We also have a secure IT infrastructure and cyber security measures to protect your data and transactions. We are more than just a freight Agent. We are your strategic partner who will work with you to achieve your business goals and grow your business. We are committed to your success and satisfaction.
Ideal for Long-Distance Shipments
Faster Delivery
It delivers faster than air or rail transport, improving customer satisfaction.
More Reliable
There is less handling of packages, meaning less risk of package loss or damage.
Door-To-Door Service
Door-to-door services are available with long-haul delivery, eliminating the need for storage facilities.
Lower Costs
Our delivery services are all-encompassing, helping you deliver any time, anywhere. All our services offer affordable pricing.

Environmentally friendly: the most carbon-efficient solution

In today's environmentally conscious world, the carbon footprint of transportation modes is under intense scrutiny. Ocean freight steps up as the most carbon-efficient solution among long-distance transportation options. Ships have a much lower carbon footprint per tonne-kilometer compared to air freight, making ocean freight the preferred choice for businesses committed to sustainability. By opting for ocean freight, companies not only benefit from its cost and capacity advantages but also contribute to reducing the environmental impact of their supply chains. This alignment with global sustainability goals enhances corporate responsibility profiles and supports the broader push towards a greener planet.

Ocean freight shipping offers a compelling mix of benefits that address both economic and environmental considerations. Its cost-effectiveness, suitability for long-distance shipments, and carbon efficiency position it as an essential component of modern global trade and logistics strategies. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of international supply chains, the advantages of ocean freight provide a solid foundation for making informed, sustainable transportation choices.