Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is the process of acquiring approval to import or export goods from a country's customs officials. It is an important aspect of the international shipping procedure since it guarantees that the relevant taxes and tariffs are paid and that the items being exported conform with the requirements of the importing country. AGS is the GCC's leading customs-clearing business, providing accelerated customs clearance services for items arriving in the UAE via seaports, land borders, or airports. Our skilled staff in-house is well-versed in customs regulations and procedures.

On the customer's request, we also provide sufficient cargo storage services following customs clearance. We have considerable expertise in importing a wide range of commodities, including general commerce, chemicals, medications, electronics, groceries, autos, and machinery. To prevent time and money from being wasted, we take extra precautions to guarantee that the relevant shipping documents are obtained. We ensure that customs clearance for incoming and departing products is processed swiftly, efficiently, and expeditiously, thanks to a dedicated team and a thorough grasp of customs laws and processes.

Why AGS Customs Clearance?
Offers the complete arrangement of import and export solutions
Avoid fines, deferrals, penalties and stock relocation
Helps in easy clearance with formal entry
Avoid delays in delivery