Despite the greatest packaging, safe transit, and all measures, there are situations beyond our control that might result in damage to the products, such as accidents, fire, sabotage, riots, and so on. To ensure the entire safety of products, AGS provide insurance services to compensate for losses during transportation and delivery. This service that we provide covers all of your personal belongings in the event of unintentional damage. We make it easier by handling all of the essential paperwork and documents for insurance. We assist consumers in determining the value of their items.

The insurance covers both transportation and storage. This insurance protects items that are lost or damaged while being carried by rail, road, air, or sea and kept at warehouses, job worker sites, and processing units. To take advantage of this, you must pay an additional premium in addition to our overall moving expenses, which is fairly low in comparison to other companies. Our organisation can handle claims promptly through our partner insurance carriers. As part of our service, we provide many types of insurance to suit the diverse needs of our clients.

Why AGS Insurance?
Offers protection to the cash flow of a business from unfavourable obstruction of shipment
Freight insurance coverage helps secure a profit even after a loss of cargo
Cargo insurance saves from forfeiture of greater investment related to the overall business
Opting for cargo insurance is necessary for businesses dealing with fragile goods