Sea freight Services
Sea Freight

The sea freight services are attentive client service, streamlined paperwork, tracking, and data warehousing. We provide comprehensive door-to-door transportation and port-to-port shipments. Our sea freight specialists work with you to create cross-trade shipments that meet your expectations. With technological advancements, we offer precise and accurate solutions to handle the complexities of shipping your cargo via sea routes all around the globe.

AGS is your one-stop team for all maritime freight transit needs in Saudi Arabia. We provide reliable and customizable shipment options on major commercial routes connecting GCC states, Europe, and the US. We accept FCL and LCL, ensuring proper handling of shipments at origin and destination ports through our Institutional Contract of Carriage. Our experienced network of trustworthy carriers and long-standing relationships with major marine freight companies globally guarantee exceptional services.

Why AGS Sea Freight?
Most competitive freight costs over long distances
Oversized, heavy and bulky cargo capability
Carry hazardous cargo via ship safely
Move high volumes in a single shipment