Air Freight Services
Air Freight

AGS offers a global network for air freight needs in Saudi Arabia, the entire GCC, and international services. We transport large shipments with ease and provide detailed cargo updates. We can fly single or sophisticated goods to any destination at any time. And monitor your goods from loading to unloading. Our global agreements with premium air couriers are an advantage to offer low-cost and safe transportation for your items.

AGS has a skilled team offering tailored services. We excel in managing risky, huge, and time-sensitive freight. Air freight is an essential service for the timely delivery of shipments, whether the goods are personal or commercial. AGS provides a wide range of innovative safety and security measures to ensure the safety of your valuable items. We offer both airport-to-airport transportation and package collection services. Our services have become easy as we have exceptional bonds with the best air-freight expertise.

Why AGS Air Freight?
Ship the goods within the shortest possible time
Less requirement of warehouse
Widest Network of Destinations
Tight regulations to reduce the risk of theft