The AGS Logistics LLC is an international Organization based in UAE. As a specialized service provider, our unmatchable strength in multi-model logistics business enables us to provide a total solution for our client’s logistics needs (Air, Sea & Land).

Best Shipping Company in Dubai

Comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions form the core of our business – from procurement logistics right through to delivery.

Through our extensive experience and expertise in the logistics service, we wish our customer to work hassle free and we provide complete solutions on freight services. Our experts will help you manage all types of shipments and documentations more efficiently.


Based in UAE, AGS Logistics is an international organization which is a specialized service provider. We are unique on the basis of strength when it comes to multi model logistics. A complete solution is given to our clients in terms of our clients logistics needs which includes the sectors of Air, Sea and Land.

As our  services have surpassed that of pur competitors, we are proudly considered pioneers of all types of cargo solutions in the GCC area. Our offices are spread around the GCC countries and in major cities, making us considerably recognized in the GCC area. Our clients find our ability to connect global to local an asset as we utilize our expertise and experience in the aspects of logistic facilities of warehousing with transportation. In order to achieve the best service for our clients, we make sure to commit to securing quality personnel. Along with the excellent service we offer, an affordable rate is one of the other benefits we put forth.

Our commitment as the best service provider enables us to achieve customer satisfaction with our efficient way of make sure that our customers quality standards are met. Customer service centers are at customers beck and call round the clock to solve any needs that the customer may have. Equipped with cargo specialists, answers based on shipping, pricing, service details, documentation requirements and much more are given from these customer support centers.


AGS Logistics prides itself in following all the necessary measures to ensure safety within and throughout the company. All our services are backed with all the needed safety precautions to make sure that everything is carried out in the best way possible. Check-ups are done regularly on all the equipment and cargo to make sure that all things are intact. It stands as one of our highest priorities to make sure that all safety precautions are undertaken in the best way possible.

Trust plays a major role in all that we do in ags logistics. Customers lean more towards our services because we are trustworthy. We value customer trust so we make it our duty to keep it. We offer what we promise.

AGS logistics is a leading service provider in all aspects of what the company has to offer. From land to water to air, we have reached every source of transportation to make sure we reach and are reachable through all ways possible. Through this we have made a worldwide reach with our services making us the leading go-to company for all needs based on this.

We are committed to exceed the expectations of our customers.


To be your number 1 choice when it comes to cargo and logistics solutions and maintaining the highest level of Quality, Efficiency and Service.


Constantly grow to be the best cargo and logistics solution provider.


With our head office located in Dubai, we employ a far-reaching network that stretches across the GCC countries.

Ship Global, Ship Fast

We understand the time frame of each customer. Using our extensive experience and expertise in the logistics service, we provide Time Definite Services to our customers. 


We give utmost importance to the safety and security of our customers’ goods and information.